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Workshop & Presentations

NGT offers workshops and presentations by current touring Native artists. Our inspiring workshops walk you thru current music industry techniques and practices to help move you to the next level. Great for youth development or community-based learning.


Our base option is a two hour session facilitated by an experienced NGT professional along with a special guest artist presenter/performer. Each presenter brings in depth content with current industry practices. 


Motivational Speakers - The inspirational musical journey. Be inspired by some of today’s best Native artists with performances and stories of their musical journey.


Songwriting - We walk you thru the creative process of songwriting. Find your inspiration and get your ideas into a song.


Music as a business –Creating avenues for income with your music. Developing revenue streams for any genre of music.


Artist Development – Gain confidence and stage presence like a pro. Key elements for making your performance noticed by booking agents.  


Producing a show - How to put on a show/concert like a pro. We take you step-by-step thru the key elements to produce a successful concert.

Acoustic ambient concert

Enhance your event with inspiring performances from Native America...


NGT brings an inspiring showcase of Native American top contemporary performers to your stage.  Make your event an unforgettable experience as we set the mood with music & positivity. Great for conferences, private parties, schools, and venues. Lower volume level than the Rock Concert.  


Three hour showcase of live music from 3-to-4 of today's top touring Native artists. The Acoustic Ambient Concert is great for events that want lower volume live entertainment than the Rock Concert events. Each event is customized to align with your event. 


Lively up your next conference, school function or event. Bring a Native Guitars Tour event to your venue for an unforgettable set of intimate songs and stories from a variety of artists and genres.


An electrifying rock concert featuring a lineup from today’s top Native American bands. Let us handle production details as you enjoy the show! A musical and visual concert to bring the house to their feet. From the House of Blues in Vegas to the SXSW global music festival in Austin, TX, Native Guitars Tour’s concerts have gained accolades from the music industry’s best.     


Bringing the full rock 'n' roll concert experience to your event or venue. Four of Native countries top touring artists put on a three-hour showcase.


Native Guitars Tour brings a colorful and energetic musical experience to the stage. A highly professional produced show from start to finish. Add vendors, fashion, food, and spirits to enhance the experience.



A one-hour session with Native Guitars Tour talent development team.      


During this session, we will discuss some key areas to bring you up to the next level. We will work with your current performance level to converse with all aspects of your musical career. Set a plan and some goals for your career and add you to our artist reference listing. 


Native Guitars Tour books hundreds of artists and refers artists for festivals, concerts, tours, and events. We have the knowledge and know-how to get you booked and move you up to your next level. 


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