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Native Guitars Tour was founded in 2007 to provide performance opportunities for Native American musicians. Our movement has led us to foster and mentor talent and employ artists within the industry. 


Music is a vital communication method that encompasses our genetic history in song, stories, language and helps us maintain sovereignty. Being a musician is a viable profession but oftentimes only when resources are accessible. The contemporary mainstream music industry is a tough market overall and Indigenous peoples are disproportionately outnumbered. We are reclaiming our narrative as Indigenous peoples by creating a stage to share it.


In our fifteen years, we have spanned the United States with Native Guitars Tour concert events. Sharing our industry knowledge to educate and empower communities through workshops, presentations, and employing our community of Native musicians is at the core of our organization.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we made a pivot to virtual programming featuring performances and interviews with over 100 artists. We have also provided audio/video equipment & training to support artists in the virtual environment of the pandemic.  


Native American musicians have a unique story. We come from tradition and community and are doing amazing things with music globally. From blazing electric guitars to prodigies of violin and cello. The NGT community is on the move and we want you to join our journey.

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Community Celebration
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Resurgence Festival Artist Vendor
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Female Native Singer Songwriter
Indigenous band performing

Native Guitars Tour is a Member of:


Albuquerque chamber of commerce
New Mexico Indian Chamber of Commerce
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