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Native Guitars Tour is a collective of Indigenous creatives in Music, Art & Fashion representing tribal nations from throughout turtle island and across first nations. Our mission is to reclaim our narrative through the creative process by providing a stage to share it. We come from resilience and a history of people that have strived to maintain earth & sky, culture, and compassion for humanity. We have an inherent obligation to pass along knowledge to upcoming and future generations so we can maintain our stories, songs and voice. Our music is our medicine to share with the world for healing, humor and hope.


We invite you to experience the voices of Native Americana as we showcase the talent, brilliance and creativity of our people in Nashville, TN September 21st at The Blue Room 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM as part of Americana Fest. This is an open and free event.

Become a Sponsor and Help Provide a Stage for Native American Artists


The opportunity to invest in our community is within our reach. Supporting our mission means you are investing not only in the arts but also in the cultural preservation and empowerment of Indigenous peoples. We are breaking ground in new markets and our vision is to take our message globally to create spaces for Native artists everywhere.


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